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Welcome to the New Year. Wait a minute, that’s stale right? I really must be running behind time. I really should turn my calendar and reset my wrist watch. I am still working on a project that should have been finished many months ago. Ah, truth be told, I am yet to start it. Been thinking and planning it in my head but isn’t there always just too many things begging for attention? Oh I had plans for January 2012, what were they again? Oops the red light on my blackberry is blinking again, I am sorry I need to respond to that.

Never managed to take that bold step last year, you know, that one that requires my kneeling on one knee and looking up to her with flirty eyes, my lips asking questions, the answer of which I am sure of. Don’t blame me, the times were simply not right. Ah these dents on my car, the one caused by the lunatic danfo driver with marks on both sides of his face like evidence of a brawl with a tiger. I really never made it to the panel beater to beat it out, I should make out time to do that. I dread checking my e-mails these days, the guilt that unfulfilled email request gives me is overwhelming. I think I should create a new account.

I would have to pass this publishing opportunity. Ah, If only I concentrated on writing that novel. Well wasn’t my fault. 2011 saw many great movies in the Cinema and you know I needed to update the part of my memory where I record movies seen. May be I shouldn’t have created that twitter account, sigh! See now, that’s the first place I go to when I wake up. Don’t ask me if I still pray at dawn. Don’t blame me, blame all those interesting gossip I am too weak to ignore.

My pay slip is a joke. Frankly, if I show it to you, you will jump off the third mainland with laughter. And those employers of mine assured me of a raise last year. I waited confidently. So I emptied my savings. Now…sigh! I am punching my calculator and scratching my head, what if I had invested it? And there was this fantastic opportunity I passed. It wasn’t altogether a wow opportunity if you know what I mean, so I ignored it. I am pessimistic like that sometimes. But ah, I drove past that shop the other day, see how they’ve expanded. Gosh, I nearly ran into a car looking and biting my fingers.

You must think me a failure right? Well I am not alone in all this. Imagine the Super Eagles, I even fared better than them. Failure in multiples. That reminds me, next month the African Cup of Nations begins. I am still to repair my DSTV dish o. Some nasty wind last year blew away a part of it. Just never found the time to replace it. Wait a minute, did I say next month? Oh my, I really must turn my calendar and reset my watch. It’s January 2012 already, the Nations Cup begins this month. I wonder where time is always running to. I want to speak to whoever is in charge of time, a very simple appeal really; can you place time in slow motion mode please? Just for a month so I can catch up.

What have I been going on about you must be wondering. It’s very simply; Ask her out. Book that flight. Take that course. Apply for that job. Write the damn book. Get your funding. Make up with your Dad. Resume your exercise routine. Launch that startup. Take that risk. Your tithe doesn’t work magic, forget that your pastor says it does. You need to get off your ass and do the thing that needs doing. Today not tomorrow. If it fails, it fails. If it works, it works. For like Steve Jobs once said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”  Are you still thinking? Hey, it’s the second week already, fifty weeks left.

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