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So I was recently appointed ambassador for the Coca Cola “A Billion Reasons to believe in Africa” Campaign.  Am I excited? You bet.

Enough of the sad stories already. There are a billion reasons why Africa is beautiful, why life here is a different experience, why we can look into the future with enthusiasm and optimism. I am happy to be part of this laudable initiative by the worlds biggest brand to project this other Africa that never gets the attention of the western media, to the world.

The launch day is tomorrow 6th September, 2012. @ Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

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Excerpts from the story “Call Room” one of the stories in my upcoming collection “The Funeral Did Not End”

Griots Lounge

It nauseates me that she is standing at my door so early this morning. I should have known that those two quick knocks were hers. Those two quick taps that formerly got me springing to the door with a smile dancing on my lips. Today, unfortunately, such enthusiasm has known death. I shouldn’t have opened the door to find her standing there and telling me we need to talk — with eyes darting up and down the corridor like a burglar breaking into a room and watching to see if any eye is watching. She looks dressed for work, her perfume uninvitingly fills up my lungs. I look at her and wonder if I should just slam my door on her face or flatten her chubby nose with a punch. I can feel the urge in the muscles of my right arm. I am sure I wouldn’t regret either.


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